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Gel candles are gaining popularity as they burn longer than wax candles. Also they are easy to make but at the same time it’s important to make sure you are making them the right way. Making gel candles is a lot of fun and very profitable!

The Gel Candle Making Course will teach you to use candle gel to make dramatic, colourful scented candles with amazing designs, colours & effects.


Introduction of Gel wax

Material used for Gel candle making like Colour, Wicks, Fragrance…

Instruction of Gel Candles & Safety of Gel Candles

Various types of gel candles :  Plain Glitter Gel Candle, Layered Gel Candle, Polka Dot Candle, Fruit Candle, Champagne Candle, Red Wine Candle, Blended Gel Candle, Iced Tea Themed Gel Candle,  Beach Themed Gel Candle, Eternity Gel Candle.

We’ve got exactly what you need in our Gel Candle Making Course!

Whilst you can customize a soy candle based on colour and scent, a gel candle has an extra touch with its transparency and intricacy!

Have the freedom to handcraft your gel candles using figurines and coloured sand, the combinations are endless!  These gel candles can make perfect giftsfor your loved ones, corporate gifts, no matter the occasion.

  • Add a twist to your craft

    This course is ideal for professional candle makers who want to add specialty to their product offerings and create stunning bespoke designs with their craft.

  • Self-Paced

    There is no hurry with our classes. You should take your time to master your craft and learn at your own space.

  • Share Your Craft

    We love to celebrate art so we invite you to start practicing and share your craft on our whatsapp support group.

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1 Review

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